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Changing Lanes: ‘Auto-pinion’ best left unspoken

August 29, 2007

Instead of wearing their political feelings or sports allegiances on their sleeves, people often opt for their vehicles as their mouthpieces.

One usually can figure out how a person feels about issues, teams and even the driver's preferred motor company (or least favorite, as shown in decals of a Calvin-like character from the "Calvin and Hobbes" comic strip doing something less-than-flattering to a Ford or Chevy symbol) by the bumper sticker or a magnetic ribbon affixed to a vehicle.

During a recent trip to a local convenience store, however, I found one auto-pinion that warranted a double-take.

The vehicle's license plate border read: "Wetbacks Go Home."


I knew ignorance was alive and well, but I hadn't seen such a blatant advertisement.

There's the always charming "Redneck and Proud" decals slapped over a Confederate flag because, after all, this is the South.

Oh, shucks, I am incorrect. Kansas was admitted as a free state, so there's no connection to the rebel flag.

Or, there's the subtle "Shoot them all and let God sort it out." What a novel idea. The shoot-first-and-ask-questions-later approach always is a fine one.

But, yes, I digress. Let me revert back to three words that rattled my cage in the first place.

The immigration issue clearly is the hot topic these days.

Arguments on both sides range from: "Workers from Mexico are willing to do jobs Americans will not" to "If they make money here, they should pay taxes just as legal citizens do."

There also are several arguments in between, many of which likely have merit.

Trying to convey one's opinion with statements that legitimately back up one's perspectives is one thing.

Throwing out slurs is another.

I'm all about people expressing their opinions. After all, apathy is not a good thing.

But neither is spewing ignorant comments.

When shopping for that perfect bumper sticker to get your point across, choose wisely.

And, ask questions first and shoot later -- God has more important things to sort out.

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