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City outlines plans for new sewer

December 5, 2007

A new interceptor sewer that will service future development in the Eagle Valley 4 subdivision and replace the Raintree lift station is one meeting closer to completion.

On Nov. 28, four city representatives -- Mike Yanez, city administrator; Kathy Bard, assistant city administrator; Butch Rodgers, city superintendent; and Brian Kingsley, of BG Consultants -- had an open house meeting to discuss the easement acquisitions needed to complete the estimated $600,000 sewer in southern Tonganoxie.

Among some of the concerns residents had about the new sewer were its visibility, what kind of an impact it would have on trees and yards and whether it was necessary to hook into the sewer.

Kingsley said there would be round manhole covers visible along the sewer and the covers could be raised or lowered, which could make it easier for people when they are mowing their yard.

As for impact, Kingsley said construction crews would need to dig a hole about 8 feet wide, but they would need enough space to get equipment that is 10 to 12 feet wide to accomplish it. Crews would also need room to pile the dirt from the dig.

The alignment of the interceptor sewer was designed to minimize the impact to the trees, but Kingsley said it would affect some of them.

"If anybody has issues with trees, sometimes people have rose bushes planted in memory of someone, any of those issues we can work with people on those issues, we just need to know what those issues are."

Mary Cronemeyer's home is currently on a septic system. During the meeting she asked whether she would have to connect to the interceptor sewer.

Bard said Cronemeyer wouldn't have to connect to the sewer unless her septic system failed, and only if her property line was within 600 feet from the sewer.

Kingsley said if all of the easement acquisitions move forward easily, the sewer could be expected to be complete by the spring of 2008.


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