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Letter to the editor: Half-full view preferred

December 5, 2007

Your article in the Nov. 20 issue of The Mirror regarding the "empty feeling" downtown is very misleading. It is a rather half-full, half-empty point of view.

As owners of Bichelmeyer's Steakhouse restaurant and the Royale flea market, we beg to differ.

When you take a photo "just after daybreak," of course the streets will be empty as merchants have not yet opened for business.

We support and love our downtown, especially Annie's Country Jubilee and the loyal Opry crowd that comes to our restaurant every Saturday evening before the show. Many have standing reservations along with locals and out-of-town regulars who enjoy the ambience of our downtown area.

We started our second business, The Royale, in downtown Tonganoxie, named after the Royal Theater that operated in the same space from 1920 to 1957, followed by Lenahan's Hardware for decades until Mr. Lenahan retired.

We believe in our downtown. There is and has been tremendous potential here, and we are proud to be part of all Tonganoxie has to offer.

Why would anyone reading The Mirror want to consider having a business here or visit when our very own paper paints such a dismal picture of gloom and doom? We agree that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, it is just that: an opinion.

The beautiful downtown area has exquisite original buildings dating prior to the early 1900s. Just pick up one of John Cass Lenahan's books and read about the rich history of our downtown area. We need to hold the same gratitude that John Cass Lenahan has expressed in writings and photographs.

We appreciate the loyal people who bless our downtown with their support and other merchants who work so hard everyday to offer their services to our community.

Matt and I prefer our half-full view and build up our unique downtown, not tear it down.

Perhaps Rick Lamb's letter to the editor speaks the truth, which is exactly what we have always known him to do.

Vicki and Matt Bichelmeyer,

Bichelmeyer's Steakhouse and The Royale flea market, Downtown Tonganoxie (And proud to be)


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