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Poet’s Corner

December 5, 2007

Students in Beth Fritz's fourth-grade class at Tonganoxie Elementary School are this week's poets. The students have been learning about and trying out their hands writing their own haikus.

In my backyard
a deer family is walking
in the middle of the day.
-- Dalton Andersen

In a garden
a little caterpillar sang a song
at the crack of dawn.
-- Haley Arevalo

In a peaceful field
a horse gallops everywhere
every cool day.
-- Leah Bartels

In the shade of a tree
lay a little baby rabbit
on a cool fall day.
-- Zach Callaghan

In my backyard
the wind is blowing cold air
on a winter day.
-- Halley Calovich

In my garden
a flower blooms
during the night.
-- Emma DeMaranville

On an old willow tree
a robin sings his lovely song
every spring morning.
-- Allie Dorsey

In a very small creek
a huge fish jumps out of the water
early in the morning.
-- Emily Eberth

On my own street
sits a dog barking
every summer morning.
-- Brenden Hagemaster

In all the seasons
my two dogs lay on the couch
all of night and day.
-- Spencer Finkbiner

In my room
a caterpillar was crawling on my bed
during the night.
-- Jake Griffin

On my mom's warm bed
my dog slept soundless
one wintery night.
-- Jolie Hebert

On a tree with leaves
sat a bird by a caterpillar
on a fall day.
-- Dawson Jones

At the top of a hill
a spider spun silk
at one o'clock.
-- Zach Johnson

In the kitchen
my dog chews on her frisbee
every single night.
-- Billy Kelly

One summer night
wolves were howling
in my backyard.
-- Sean Ketchum

On a calm beach
the ocean freezes over fish
on a freezing winter night.
-- Joshua Lingo

One rainy morning a dog
was walking on two feet
up and down the street.
-- Ryan Malone

In a breathtaking garden
a beautiful lily grew
on a warm spring day.
-- Monica Maurer

In a black graveyard
a child carves a Spooky pumpkin
on a Halloween night.
-- Shannon Olson

In a desert
a black and brown lizard
suns on a hot day.
-- Tyler Salmon

One summer day
I saw a vine curled on a fence.
It was midnight.
-- Jacob Tollefson


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