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Aunt Norie’s sewing room

by Eleanor McKee

December 12, 2007

A very happy and busy grandma, Lois R. has made most of her Christmas gifts , beginning with a small sewing box for her small granddaughter, little Mary.

Lois started with an old cigar box. We don't see them anymore. They were made of wood with a hinged lid (my that does bring back memories). She lined it with some pretty cloth using Elmer's glue. Then came the fun of filling it with bits of lace, ribbon, a small pin cushion, pins, needles, some small blunt end scissors. She even put some buttons on a string.

Can't you just see that happy busy little girl?

Lois also had this to share: Before I bought my new sewing machine I used to 'pitch it'; now I 'fix it,' and it's so much fun.

It really is.

If you have that yen to sew, don't put it off any longer. Christmas is so very close - think about all of those homemade gifts you can put together in just a few hours every evening.

As I grew up, each ladies dresser had this thing called a hair receiver sitting on it. It was usually a very pretty delicate vase like, rounded on the bottom to hold a lot hair. As a woman combed her long hair, she would pull all of those combings from her brush and poke them down into the long skinny neck of the receiver. All of those combings were then sold - yes sold. Human hair is very strong and was for years used in the making of fine instruments.

Human hair is still used for many things. It makes the very best stuffing for pin cushions, the natural oil in human hair will not let the pins and needles rust and helps to keep them very sharp. Lose a button? No thread handy? A long strand of hair makes a very strong thread to sew that button on again.

There is another handy quick gift idea: a pin cushion for granny or Auntie or someone on your Christmas list.

Bye and God Bless all of you!

- Write to Aunt Norie at P.O. Box 2665, Tonganoxie 66086 or at


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