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Letter to the editor: Bigotry charge disputed

December 12, 2007

To the editor:

In response to the article "Bigotry should be a political ally," I'm just confused: How can the SAVE Act, cosponsored by Nancy Boyda, be an act of bigotry?

Mr. Flores was in this country illegally - that's one law he broke. Then he drives without a license - that's number two. And third, he carries no insurance - that's at least three laws that he is in violation of. This seems to suggest that he hasn't any regard for our laws whatsoever.

The facts are Mr. Flores should not have been in this country, and that can't be disputed, and if Mr. Flores wouldn't have been in this country, this tragedy would have never occurred.

We have immigration laws and we have a right to expect these laws will be respected. Any nation has a right to secure its borders and control who is allowed to enter this country, and there is nothing bigoted about that - it's just common sense. Mr. Flores happens to be Mexican, but it wouldn't have mattered to me if he was from Ireland or France or any other country. Illegal is illegal.

The SAVE Act, I think, is a good start and deserves to be passed into law.

Tom Stoffers



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