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Poets’ Corner

February 21, 2007


Slow down, old friend,

and wait for me.

I used to wait for you

(so long ago I scarce

remember when).

You were the laggard then,

while I squirmed at my desk,

imploringou to fly...

to ring the recess bell.

But you, old friend, your fat,

round, black-rimmed face

half-hid behind unfeeling hands,

stared down at me and gleefully

(or so it seemed) crept slowly by.

Slow down, old friend,

and wait for me!

I used to wait for you.

(So long ago I scarce

remember how)

I am the laggard now

and dawdle through my chores,

imploring you to slow your pace...

to let me catch my breath.

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But you, old friend, your thin,

square, gold-rimmedace

half-hid behind unfeeling hands,

stare up at me and gleefully

(or so it seems) rush me to death.

A lifetime I have trusted you

-- it's hard to comprehend --

Precious Time, you are not

and never were my friend.

The Game of Life

This game? It ain't easy...

yep, winnin' comes hard

and too many hits

leave you bitter and scarred.

But you've been asked to play

at the Big Guy's request

so you line up again

and you give it your best.

You are cool in the huddle...

you make some good calls,

but the defense is tough

and you can't move the ball.

You work hard and keep

dreamin', hopin' your name

will somehow end up

in Life's Hall of Fame.

You cuss and you sweat...

you moan and you grunt

then you fumble the ball

as you drop back to punt.

As the season wears on

you stop praying to win

and just concentrate

on not fumbling again.

You win a few games

and you earn some respect;

the runnin' game works

and your passes connect.

Now you're thinkin' again

of fortune and fame

and how life truly is

a wonderful game.

This game? It ain't easy,

but you'll pass the test

IF... win, lose or draw

you give it your best.

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