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Voting in primary a must-do activity

February 21, 2007

There are dozens of reasons why it would be easy for voters to skip out on next week's primary elections involving the at-large and Position No. 2 spots on the Tonganoxie School Board.

The weather's unpredictable. It's only a primary. It's such a busy time and there are many other things to do. ... And the list goes on.

But none of these carries water.

Rather than finding excuses not to go to the polls, voters should remind themselves of the reasons they should cast their ballots.

First and foremost, voting is a privilege to be cherished. What kind of a message do we send to the memory of those who fought for the right to vote when we decide it's just not that important?

Secondly, decisions made in a primary election do have an impact. Primary elections, by definition, are conducted to reduce the field of candidates. Try telling one of the candidates running in Tuesday's election if doesn't matter if you vote in the primary; it's akin to telling the candidate they're inconsequential.

Thirdly, those in power know voters care about the decisions candidates will make as board members and that voters care about what happens in their schools.

Voting sets a good example for young people. It truly gives you a say in your community. It is a cornerstone of our republic.

It's been said many times before and it's true: If you don't vote, don't complain.

Don't lose your ability to complain. We'll see you at the polls Tuesday.

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