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Letter to the editor: Board right to question

February 28, 2007

To the editor:

I commend school board member Leana Leslie, and other board members as well, for questioning the purchases made for the school district by Darlyn Hansen and his firm, Micro Resources. It is the job of school board members to provide oversight to the district's expenditures.

I was a board member in the 1990's. I am thankful for our current board members and applaud them for surviving the large construction project. I am sure it has not been easy. Board members walk a fine line as they should not micromanage the district; however, they are elected by taxpayers who fund the district and deserve to understand the business of the district.

A school board member should NEVER feel out of line in questioning expenditures. It is their right and duty to do so.

I recognize the fact Dr. Erickson is concerned with trying to save money and I thank him for all his efforts.

I don't know if there are actual laws or rules governing board members accepting money for work performed for their school district. However, common sense tells me it is a gray area and most likely one to be avoided. Maybe it was a mistake to hire Micro Resources and now is the time for the board and Dr. Erickson to recognize this mistake and correct it.

Kathy Underwood,


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