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Remember when: A community review

January 17, 2007

10 years ago: Dec. 18, 1996

Frederick R. Rhoades, a 38-year-old McLouth resident, is recovering in a rehabilitation room in the Kansas University Medical Center after spending over three weeks in the hospital's intensive care unit following an auto accident.

Marvin and Marvel Torneden, Linwood, will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary from 2-4 p.m. Dec. 29, 1996, at the Riford Center in Tonganoxie.

Births: Russell and LaDonna Miller announce the birth of the first set of twins in the Miller family and the 23rd set of twins in the Duzan family. Marie Rose and Albert James were born Nov. 12, 1996.

Mildred Kirby entered a radio contest on WIBW in Topeka and won four tickets to Snickerdoodles Tea Room in Oskaloosa. On Dec. 10, she took advantage of her winnings and she and four guests went out to eat. There were Doris Larson, Doris Hurla, Lee Langston and Sylvia Reishman.

Deaths: Bert Preston Bean, 82, Tonganoxie, died Dec. 14, 1996. Ben H. Leavitt, 88, Tonganoxie, died Dec. 15, 1996. Genevieve Harman Hemphill, 75, Countryside, passed away Dec. 10, 1996. Marshall Ray Parish Jr., 47, passed away Dec. 10, 1996, at his home in Basehor.

25 years ago: Dec. 16, 1981

Mr. William Yonally, 55, died Tuesday, Dec. 15, 1981, in Oren, Utah. He is the youngest son of Elmer Yonally of Tonganoxie.

Birth: Mr. and Mrs. Gary Myers announce the birth of a son, Nathan Peter, on Dec. 4, 1981.

Deaths: James W. Hulbert, 84, Tonganoxie, passed away Dec. 12, 1981. Jay T. Shepherd, age 48, died suddenly on Dec. 13, 1981, in Long Beach, Calif. Mrs. Margaret J. Morrow, 84, Leavenworth, died Friday. Max Scheller, 81, Basehor, died Sunday. Henry Lee Brune, 48, Riverside, Calif., died Monday

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kramer will be celebrating their 62nd wedding anniversary Dec. 31.

Linwood News: The children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of George and Pearl Henik had a family reunion on Nov. 30 at the Linwood Community Building. There were 69 present, of a possible 74.

Seventy children enjoyed a fun Christmas party at the Mutual Savings, Saturday afternoon between two and three o'clock. This was given by the Friends of the Library.

50 years ago: Jan. 3, 1957

Another vital community change is being announced this week. The Tonganoxie State Bank, established in 1889, announces that it will voluntarily liquidate and discontinue business in Tonganoxie. The process will take some time but no deposits will be taken after Jan. 15.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Theno announce the birth of a daughter, Dec. 16, to whom they have given the name Karen Sue.

When the Marine Corps traveling exhibit arrives in Kansas City, Kan., on Jan. 4, 1957, residents of this area will get their first look at how Marines would assault an enemy-held island in an atomic war. Visitors will be allowed to view a three-dimensional model of a vertical assault by helicopter.

Linwood: Robin Joy Olson, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Olson Jr., died Dec. 28, in Kansas City.

Deaths: Noyce H. Hayward, 83, a former local resident, died Dec. 31, 1956. Mrs. Luella Newby, 86, Tonganoxie, passed away Dec. 30, 1956.

Reno: Mrs. Bertha Holoday, mother of Mrs. Herbert Pearson, died at her home in Lawrence, early Christmas Day.

After running the Sorensen Truck Line for 25 years, I have sold the business to Dean Hummelgaard. I am sure Dean will do a good job of hauling your cattle and give you good service on your water orders. We want to thank you for your patronage and friendship over the many years and wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Harry Sorensen.

75 years ago: Dec. 10, 1931

Discuss The Picture Show: Local Show House Closes. Varied Career in Recent Months Gets New Development When Mr. Siler Throws Up Sponge: (E.G. Siler, of Lawrence, has operated the theater for some months. The show has the latest sound equipment, and the character of the shows have been on a par with the city show houses. Expenses, however, have been too great in comparison with income, which seems to be the general affliction just now.)

H.V. Needham is quite ill of pneumonia at his home in the south part of Tonganoxie. Miss Maxine Angell, graduate nurse, is caring for him.

A.J. Taylor has installed a new hydraulic cementing press, which is especially fine for ladies' shoes, makes them look like new. Mr. Taylor always endeavors to keep one jump ahead of even the most up-to-date shoe repair shops.

Theodore Davis marketed eleven head of lambs that brought him about $3 a piece. They should have gone to market a long time ago, but Theodore had trouble getting the lambs to fatten. As it is, we doubt very much if he broke even on the deal.

Hoge News: Sister M. Sebastian, a Sister of Mercy of St. Peters school, passed away Dec. 5, 1931, in Kansas City. She was known here as Miss Maud Boehl, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Boehl. (She was 33 years of age.)

Mayginnis: Bernard Curry of Leavenworth spent the weekend with his father, Bud Curry and family, and returned to work at the Abernathy Furniture factory, Monday.

100 years ago: Dec. 20, 1906

The gas lamp at the culvert makes a fine light to skate by.

George Denholm has purchased from Will O'Brien the 80-acre farm adjoining town on the northeast and will move on it March 1. He finds going back and forth from the farm north of Summit too much of a task.

A girl was born to George Cline the 14th.

The custom of filling stockings with presents at Christmas time originated in Holland.

Mrs. Ellen Gray, aged 65 years, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. George W. Hazard, last Thursday morning, of kidney trouble. Mrs. Gray had lived here only a few months, having come from Kansas City late last summer.

The joint keepers are apparently viewing the council's closing order as a bluff and are paying no attention to it.

The ladies of the Reno Methodist church will send a box of dressed chickens to Bethany hospital, to be shipped Friday. Anyone wishing to donate to this worthy cause, will please leave the chickens at R.C. Nance's store.

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