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Bill would put parks, libraries off-limits to sex offenders

January 23, 2007

(KTKA) Proposal would keep areas off limits to sex offenders: If this newly proposed sex predator bill passes, it would ban sex predators from a wide variety of places, including day care centers, schools, swimming pools, parks, and even pubic libraries.

(LJW) Backlash expected on universal plan: Massachusetts recently required that all residents have health care insurance, but the backlash could be coming, a Boston health care executive said Monday.

(LJW) Lawrence officials seek change in school tax law: Unless the Legislature acts quickly, Lawrence taxpayers may be asked to dig deeper in their pockets for a public school tax increase that school officials say they don't want.

(LJW) Lawmaker seeks delay in coal production: A state legislator has filed a measure to place a two-year moratorium on the building of coal-fired electric plants in Kansas.

(Topeka Capital-Journal) Tax-credits sought for energy efficiency: The Sierra Club and Kansas City Power and Light may seem like strange bedfellows. But the organizations joined others on Monday in support of a bill that would give tax credits and deductions to landlords who make energy-efficient improvements to rental properties over the next three years.

(Topeka Capital-Journal) Opposition to smoking ban fires up: Some state senators got an earful from their constituents over the weekend about a proposed statewide smoking ban.

(KTKA) Officials seek penalties for fake bombs: State Fire Marshall Jack Alexander says "hoax bombs" pose real danger because their purpose is to scare people, and cause chaos and confusion.

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