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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

June 6, 2007

This came from one of our readers; she asked us to please not use her name.

"Aunt Norie, I want to thank you for your ideas," she wrote, adding, "I've clipped many of your columns on sewing helps and hints, but I hadn't gotten the garage sale fever yet. Oh I have it for sure now."

One of her pet peeves is and has been for years that you just cannot find that beautiful broadcloth that is used for men's expensive dress shirts in any fabric shop. She goes on to say she found a large, beautiful broadcloth shirt, "just as you'd said, at the very first garage sale I'd ever gone to. I cut it apart and made myself a beautiful blouse.

"Oh and I've gotten my friend and neighbor to go along. That's how it starts, garage sales are here to stay, that's for sure."

Whatever you're looking for, keep looking and going; you're sure to find many surprises and treasures.

As I grew up and learned to sew, nothing was thrown away and when it was absolutely worn out it was tossed in the ragbag or dad's rag box out in the barn. When a rag was not nasty dirty from its use as cleaning rag, it could go in the laundry and, yes, back into the ragbag.

I guess we really recycled, though that word is a fairly new one to us old-timers.

Thanks my dear friend for sharing your excitement with us today.

School is out again for the summer. Think of those kids and watch out for them, give them jobs and chores to do before they take off "funning." Go camping and fishing, as a family.

Love and God bless.

-- Aunt Norie can be reached at P.O. Box 265, Tonganoxie 66086 or at

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