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City Council Briefs

June 13, 2007

City's lack of permit befuddles church

Don Young, representing the building task force for West Haven Baptist Church, came to the council trying to get a footing and foundation permit for construction of the new church.

He said he was surprised to find out that the city did not give out these permits when many cities in the Kansas City area did.

"I would just ask that you consider adopting a similar policy to these cities and allow us to use a footing and foundation permit," Young said.

Kathy Bard, city clerk, said the reason why the city has adopted a policy to not grant these permits is to protect itself from the risk of the foundation not matching the structure or builders abandoning projects after the foundation is poured.

To protect the city from any liability, Mark Scribner, associate pastor for the church, said church officials would be willing to sign a release.

The council was concerned that allowing the permit would be setting a precedent for future builders. The council decided to further look into the matter for the next council meeting.

Budget session set for Monday

The council approved a work session for the 2008 capital budget. The meeting will take place at 6 p.m. Monday, June 18, at the council chambers.

Fire truck lease modified

The council approved modifying its lease with First State Bank and Trust from seven to 10 years to lower the payments on two new fire trucks.

Semi-annual payments would be lowered from $34,212 to $24,102.

Council Member Steve Gumm abstained from the vote.

New speed limit on Pleasant Street

Tonganoxie Police Department Chief Kenneth Carpenter asked Yanez to inform the council of a temporary speed limit change on Pleasant Street during the construction of the sidewalk.

The new temporary speed limit will be 25 miles per hour.

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