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Sidewalk construction on Pleasant Street ahead of schedule

June 20, 2007

The first phase in a three-step reconstruction of Pleasant Street is ahead of schedule as crews continue work on installing a new sidewalk.

Butch Rodgers, the city's superintendent, said rain this week didn't cause much of a delay, and as long as the weather hold,s he plans on opening the sidewalk before the beginning of school this August.

"If it starts raining, we are done for a while," Rodgers said. "Right now it's moving around pretty good. Our goal is to have it complete by about August. If the weather keeps up the way it has, they are going to meet that deadline."

Rodgers said besides the weather, there are other obstacles greeting construction crews, including the need to relocate some utility lines.

Construction work also is being hindered by the five-ton weight limit placed on the Pleasant Street bridge. Construction vehicles, such as cement mixers, must take a less direct way to get to the construction site.

Rodgers said crews already have moved some of their heavy equipment to the south side of the bridge, where they are going to be used for the majority of the work.

Jill Dickerson, new principal at the Tonganoxie Middle School, said she was happy to hear the news about the sidewalk construction.

Dickerson said the new sidewalk would provide students with an option to walk to school; it's a concept that fits with the school's wellness policy.

The Tonganoxie City Council approved the $151,645 needed to construct the sidewalk at its May 29 meeting.

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