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Letters to the editor: Stopping illegal immigration

June 27, 2007

To the editor:

I am in favor of immigration, "legal" immigration that is, and except for a few remaining true Americans (the American Indian) we are all here as a result of immigration. Many foreign born are here legally and I applaud them.

The illegal aliens in this country are here illegally, therefore, they are criminals, and they do not deserve amnesty or any other benefit of our country. Amnesty didn't work in 1986 and won't work now. If we give them amnesty this year we are going to face the same problem, maybe greater, a few years down the road. This is a great country, they know it, and they are going to keep coming until we take forceful action to stop it permanently. Let's do it while there is still time.

Securing our southern border is a requirement, but so is getting the "illegals" out now. Round them up and send them home one time. Document the person's identity so when the same person shows up again illegally there is no mistaken identification of the person. Get a picture, fingerprint, eye scan and DNA. That should do it. Fund the return-home program with some of the wasted government money; it won't be missed. The second time caught, the person does three months hard labor and a second trip home. The third time it would be obvious that the person is incapable of learning, so we have a federal death sentence, no appeals, no delays. Not the American way but what would happen to us for illegally entering their country? The revolving door is now closed!

I don't believe a child born here in this country should be a U.S. citizen if the parent is illegally here. Even if we must accept the child as a citizen, still send the mother home. If the child leaves with the mother, the child can return later as a U.S. citizen provided the child is willing to accept all responsibilities of citizenship, e.g. learn the English language (one language), be gainfully employed, and respect our flag and customs.

Set a date after which no child born of illegal aliens will be an automatic citizen.

Immediately discontinue all financial support to "illegals." There is no entitlement to social programs reserved for our citizens. Maybe we just found the funds for the ride home.

--A.C. Byrd, Leavenworth

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