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Poet’s Corner

June 27, 2007

This week's poet is Delores White, a Tonganoxie resident who attended the old District 17 schoolhouse at Findley in Linn County.

"My Old School House'"

There's a School House that I know,
Now! School Kids never go,
But a school we all went to before.
The Stone seems to be sound,
But the floor's sinking down,
And someone has broken the door.

The weeds have grown high,
And when you're just passing by,
It doesn't look the same as before.
But someone at last, who remembers the past,
Is working so hard to restore.

It's a school make of rock
and an 'ole pad-o-lock,
And a play ground as bare as can be,
There were no swings and no slides,
No fancy new rides, The windows are broken,
'cept ,maybe two 'r three.

The bell that was there, rang out thru the air,
To warn us, not to be late.
Dinner buckets in hand, Sometimes we ran,
When classes began" they don't wait."

Someone of old, gave an acre, we're told.
To hold school there, for you and for me.
A Long time ago, thru rain and thru snow,
We walked there -- a mile "two or three"
From one thru eight grades, many friends we all made,
Two "outhouses,"( one for he and one for she.)

Come by and look, bring an old book,
Share memories with all that you see.
Wouldn't it be fun to get it all done?
Then go there for a Grand Jubilee,
Let's clean up the blight, make an Historical site,
We could all come to visit, you see!

If you're out there somewhere And you have memories to share,
Send your phone and your address to me,
We'd all love to hear, Whatever the year
That you went here to school at "Findlee."

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