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Common-sense tips help man shed pounds

Former Jarbalo-area resident thrilled with results of changing his eating habits

March 7, 2007

In the United States, an estimated 127 million adults are overweight.

Tom Fevurly used to be one of them.

Four years ago, he weighed 297. Today Fevurly weighs 183. He's lost more than 100 pounds and he's proud of it.

Fevurly, who grew up near Jarbalo and now lives in Cleveland, Mo., said he wouldn't want to go back to life before the weight loss.

"I can't even begin to tell you all the good things that have happened," Fevurly said. "I am more comfortable, fast, have lots of energy and I am quick. It is a wonderful feeling."

His turnaround was unexpected, even for him.

Fevurly's weight-loss regimen began four year ago. His mother, Florence Fevurly, who lives in Sun City, Ariz., and he attended a weeklong Wichita class on healthy eating.

"Mom wanted to lose weight, but I had no intention of losing weight," Tom said.

Florence is a diabetic and has a family history of heart problems. She had tried to lose weight -- and keep it off -- for years. She said her son was the winner in this weight loss story. Though Tom originally attended the class to support his mother, he wound up losing the weight and keeping it off.

Tom, a former weightlifter, attributed his success to adopting a different attitude about food. He still eats his favorite foods; he simply eats less and stops when his hunger is satisfied.

Tom said he learned from the class that people don't have to deprive themselves of food to lose weight. He also said people need to ignore the old adage that everyone must eat everything on their plates.

Everyone can still eat the food they enjoy, Tom said, explaining they should stop when they are full.

For instance, Tom didn't give up eating french fries. But he now stops eating them when they are cold. He also didn't give up soda. He still drinks that too, but now he also drinks a lot of water.

Florence said the individual benefits to weight loss go beyond the pounds dropped.

"There are all kinds of things we have from losing weight," she said. "We are prouder of ourselves and we work harder."

They also are an example to those around them. Tom, a former school superintendent in Seneca, Mo., now teaches the gifted program at Olathe East High School in Olathe. He is a reminder to his students of the benefits of healthy eating.

After people lose weight, they generally say they look and feel better. And, with a diet such as Tom's, they can continue to indulge in their favorite foods, in moderation.

Florence pointed out an additional benefit regarding her son's weight loss.

"He looks nicer in his clothes," she said.

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