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Remember when: A community review

March 7, 2007

10 years ago: Feb. 5, 1997

Birth: Courtney Judith Jacobs was born Jan. 11, 1997. Her parents are Jeffrey Jacobs and Carol F. Jacobs.

Deaths: Ralph Bishop Aye, age 97, Allen, died Jan. 14, 1997; Mildred M. Black, 76, Tonganoxie, died Feb. 2, 1997; Tom R. Bruce, 88, died Jan. 31, 1997, at Pratt; Harry Earl Malone, 85, formerly of Bonner Springs, died Jan. 28, 1997; Carol Jean Mapes, 65, formerly of Lansing, died Feb. 2, 1997; John Rous, 93, died Jan. 31, 1997 at his residence in Tonganoxie.

Springdale Scene: Wayne and Anabel Knapp entertained with a birthday supper for her sister Myrtice Fuqua's 70th birthday on Friday evening.

Ray Nussbaum brought some evidence of his carving artistry into The Mirror office on Monday. It was evidence of obvious talent, vision and a keen eye for human characteristics. Nussbaum is a wood carver who lives around the Jarbalo area. Nussbaum said his favorite objects are Southwest Indian themes.

Dale Breshears traveled with his "Tonganoxie Snowmobile Club" to Snow Creek over the weekend. The group gave rides to various Special Olympians after the closing ceremonies of this year's winter games. (Also pictured were Special Olympians Kim Smith and Angie White with an unidentified participant. There were 239 participants who traveled from Missouri, Nebraska and Texas. They competed in five different Nordic-Alpine skiing events, figure skating and floor hockey. Kim Smith took a silver medal in two slalom events and a bronze in the downhill.)

25 years ago: Feb. 3, 1982

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Waite, Leavenworth, are pleased to announce the birth of a son, Paul Curtis, on Jan. 19, 1982; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bailey, McLouth, announce the birth of their daughter, Amanda Nicole, on Jan. 18, 1982.

Death: Noble Christenson, 76, died Jan. 26, 1982, at his home

Jarbalo Jottings, by Thamar Barnett: We've lived on this hill nearly twenty-five years and I don't remember ever seeing the Stranger bottoms flooded and then frozen like they are now.

Sunday, Helen Schilling gave a birthday dinner for her sister, Grace and also in honor of Mrs. Ray (Isabel) Langner of Kansas City, who also was celebrating a birthday. Isabel and Helen were in the SPARS in Boston in WWII and plan to go to their reunion next October together.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Rawlings will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary on Feb. 8, 1982.

Mrs. Norma Mattingly's third-grade students walked down to the Florence Riford Nutrition Center, Thursday, the 28th, to give those participants felt sunflowers to pin on for Kansas Day, the 29th. They were accompanied by Mrs. Markay LaGue. The third-grade class taught by Mrs. Vicki Schubert helped to make the sunflowers.

Mrs. Maurice (Sylvia) Soetaert reports that she bowled 205 last week in Lawrence with the senior citizens. Her husband, Maurice, has high scores much of the time, but she was happy to report hers. She's 83.

50 years ago: Feb. 21, 1957

Deaths: Mrs. Rosa Mae Koch, Tonganoxie, passed away Feb. 19, 1957, at the age of 77 years; Lawrence J. Hanan, Russellville, Ark., passed away Feb. 19, 1957. Mr. Hanan was born Dec. 12, 1902.

The Oh-Zo-Dry Co., new owners of the old milk plant, are now engaged in the hazardous job of tearing down the smoke stacks that reached into the sky.

Coal Ridge School has voted to join the Basehor School District for the next school term -- thus another of the country schools goes by the wayside. One of the things that we all miss are the old time pie socials -- they were lots of fun.

The new neon sign on the front of Evans Real Estate Office is something to behold. Just hope some drunk doesn't mistake it for the local bar some night. Knowing Hap Evans he would probably wind up with some insurance. (Above three items all from The Weekly News Reel.)

75 years ago: Jan. 28, 1932

Deaths: James McCardle, aged 69 years, a former resident of this vicinity, passed away last Thursday at his home in Covington, Okla.; Lester Barger, 22 years old, an employee of the Lone Star Cement Company of Bonner Springs, was killed Tuesday evening in a head-on motor car collision. Barger was married and leaves his wife, who was formerly Miss Evelyn Wassom, daughter of John Wassom of Bonner Springs; Jetta Agnes McAlexander, aged 17 years, passed away last Thursday afternoon at the home of her parents near Jarbalo.

West of Town: Bill Bretz has auto license number one again this year in Leavenworth County.

If the person who stole the jar of alcohol out of my cellar will keep the same and return grandma's appendix, no questions will be asked -- Joe Bungstarter, Salina Journal.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Stone of Pleasant Hill, Mo., announce the birth of a son, Monday, Jan. 25, to whom they have given the name, Dean Allen.

Pleasant Prairie: Frank Bretz who believes real progress is obtained by slow degrees, advanced his chair one inch while calling on his lady friend Sunday night.

Pleasant Prairie: Mr. Louie Hansen was shopping in Tonganoxie Friday afternoon. He purchased some pine tar, which he is giving his sheep for colds. He had the misfortune to lose an old sheep Sunday.

100 years ago: Feb. 7, 1907

What? A farmer's supper and Valentine box. When? Feb. 14, 1907. Where? At Timber Ridge School house. Who invited? Everybody. (Ad.)

Caption under cartoon: Are you operating the treadmill to pour the wealth of your community into the bottomless hoppers of the mail-order house? Are you driving your local merchants out of business? If you are you are killing your town and your own interests.

Mrs. Jennie Pearson has gone to Alaska to engage in missionary work. She is located at Haines.

The Christian Church people paid $70 on the church debt last week. They still owe $300 on the building.

The ladies of the Christian Church wish to thank the general public for the liberal patronage extended to the chicken pie supper given at the home of Mrs. Jones, from which they cleared $42.50.

Ice harvest began here Tuesday morning. Will Holder had a gang of fifteen at work and several teams. The ice is from five to six inches thick but the quality is inferior. A later freeze may result in better ice.

Chris Metz has moved to the Charles Himpel farm two miles east of town. The new owner of the Baldwin farm, which the former vacated, moved in last week.

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