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Area gymnasts compete in K.C.

March 21, 2007

Tumblers from Judy Whitcraft's Studio in Basehor participated in the Mid America Tumbling Society (MATS) Championship Meet earlier this month.

Approximately 450 participants from all over the metropolitan area competed March 4 for trophies. The participants were winners from the two previous qualifying meets.

Winners from Judy Whitcraft's Studio were:

First place

Kassie Gratton, a-2, Lauren Willson a-2, Kylie Ogden, a-2, Emily Soetaert, c-3.

Second place

Samantha Shelton, a-1, Kaylin Groneman, a-1, Zoey DeLeon, a-2, Zailey DeLeon, a-2, Anna Soetaert, a-2, Shyenne Fowler, a-2, Brianna Robinette, a-2, Chelsea Stelter, b-1, Jenny Mullins, b-1, Nicole Zerrer, b-2, Amber Garver, b-2, Emily Soetaert, c-4.

Third place

McKinsey Moody, a-2, Taylar Morgan, b-1, Courtney Norris, a-2, Quinnlyn Walcott, b-2, Kristin Mance, c-2, Megan Zerrer, c-4.

Fourth place

Taylor Beach, a-2, Makayla Sample, b-1, Cassie Batesel, b-1, Katey Trower, b-2, Shelby Barta, b-1, Rylee Basler, c-1, Rylee Basler, c-2, Rebekah Adcox, c-2, Megan Zerrer, Optionals 1, Kassidy Clark, c-3.

Fifth place

Gracie Coffin, a-2, Makenzie Sample, a-2, Brooke Wilson, b-1, Britney Smith, b-2, Kassidy Clark, c-2, Nicole Zerrer, Syncro b+, Britney Smith, Syncro b+, Kassie Gratton, Syncro b+, Sammie Basler, Syncro b+.

Sixth place

Taylor Rice, a-1, Roni Mikessell, a-2, Morgan Logsdon, a-2, Chandreah Hime, b-1, Courtney Jordan, b-1, Alex Gorman, c-1, Jenny Mullins, Syncro b+, Kaitlin Leiker, Syncro b+.

Seventh Honorable Mention

Quincy May, a-1, Summer Hatfield, a-1, Corie Ivanuska, a-2, Ashlyn Baker, b-1, Brittany Rice, b-1, Elissa Freemire, b-1, Madison McDowell, b-2, Cheyenne Morris, b-2, Morgan Oroke, c-1, Katey Trower, syncro b+, Lucy Buehler, syncro b+, Bethany Steinhauser, syncro c, Kristin Mance, syncro c.

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