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Letters to the editor: Pool decision panned

May 2, 2007

To the editor:

No bids to be taken on the swimming pool project? You've got to be joking! A project costing almost $3 million is not going to be let for bid? Surely this is against city policy.

Only one council member voted against this decision.

The people voted the 3/4 percent sales tax to be used for the new pool, but isn't it logical the council and city administrative staff would shop for the best facility by taking bids -- guess logic does not apply to this situation.

Have there been any references given for the company that is getting nearly $3 million from our city? Have we seen pools they designed, talked to any satisfied customers or maybe a dissatisfied customer? Does anyone ever spend a tenth of this amount of money without shopping around for best quality and the best price?

Bohl Company engineered the pool and presented a "proposed project" at what cost for the engineering fees? Do we not already have on payroll city engineers?

Bohl Company designed a possible facility with some of its "patented" extras. Just because it engineered the project and presented its concept of what we wanted does not mean another company could not offer a quality pool and amenities -- possibly cheaper. Oh but that isn't going to happen. We're not going to do things that way -- after all, the city always spends our money wisely. They always have our best interest at heart, or is that just another joke?

Funny, I don't hear anyone laughing!

Roger Shilling

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