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Our View: Wearing seat belts just common sense

May 2, 2007

When will people learn that putting on your seat belt should be the first order of business after getting into a car.

New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine is the latest high-profile example of the perils of not buckling up. Corzine was a passenger in a sport utility vehicle on April 12 that was involved in a high-speed accident. The accident left Corzine with a fractured left thigh, 11 broken ribs, and a broken breastbone, among others.

A state police report said the governor had been thrown about inside the car after impact.

The driver of the SUV -- a New Jersey state patrolman -- was wearing his seat belt and was not seriously injured. The driver wasn't exactly showing outstanding judgment himself; he was reportedly driving at 91 mph.

Area residents might remember back to January 2000, when Chiefs linebacker Derrick Thomas' vehicle overturned on an icy interstate. Thomas was paralyzed and later died. Another passenger died instantly. A third passenger -- the only one wearing a seat belt -- was not injured.

Corzine has apologized and has promised to "set the right kind of example." It surely will include using common sense and always wearing a seat belt in a car.

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