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5th-graders prepare for real life experience

May 9, 2007

Tonganoxie Elementary School fifth-graders already are getting into the "real world." Well, almost.

Last month, students interviewed with area business owners as part of their preparation for a trip Thursday to Exchange City, an interactive "city" on the Penn Valley Community College campus in Kansas City, Mo. The indoor setup has everything from a radio station and newspaper to retail shops and banks.

Students actually start the all-day event by getting loans from the bank and then must work to make money throughout the day. Utilities and other items are taken out of the students' paychecks, as are taxes.

MacKenzi Rachford said she could do without paying those fees -- and utilities.

"It stinks because it's really not real life," the student said with a smile. "And if it were real life that would even stink more. Because it would be more taxes. You wouldn't be able to buy as much if you had taxes."

"In the end, you're supposed to pay off your loan and hopefully have some money left over," fifth-grader Shelby Fatherly said. "That's the whole goal they're supposed to learn."

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