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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

May 9, 2007

It has taken awhile, as it always does, but styles in time seem to go full circle.

Frills are back again, little girls this year in all of their Easter finery, so fluttery so frilly, so sweet, so very feminine.

Patterns are again showing more "fit the body" styles. I, for one, have been waiting for it to happen for too long; now its all been almost entirely that square boxy look.

With set in sleeves again, darts and waistlines, etc., it may take a little more to make that garment. However I'm sure they will keep some of the boxy look patterns in their catalogs. We hope so; we need them both.

As you shop for that pattern, know your body measurements, such as hips, waist and bust. Most of the time one can find that near-perfect-fitting pattern.

However if you have a particular fitting problem and need a two-piece pattern, buy one to fit the problem area (the bust maybe) and adjust the hips, or sometimes it is easier to just buy two patterns.

A ruffle to flutter at the wrist is much easier and faster to do than a buttoned cuff, and little girls love them.

A good tip from "days gone bye." It's easy to cut a child's garment from an adult's. If you've never done this, why not try? For instance, make a shirt for a small son from one of his dad's shirts or a little girl's skirt from one of her mom's skirts or from a garage sale purchase. Garage sales are a great place to shop for such fabric; a good place to find patterns also.

Where oh where has time gone -- it's time for school to be out again.

Until next week now, make a new friend and meet a neighbor.

Bye and God Bless.

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