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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

May 30, 2007

You love to quilt but you don't have room in your home to set up those frames. You really don't need frames. In fact, I've never used them. Oh true, I've tried; my fingers all become thumbs, it seems. I can get my needle in and out, up and down much easier without a frame.

My friend Agnes Kissenger (an expert at quilting) once asked, "It sure looks like you'd used a frame, are you kidding me?" Then "OK, now tell me just how did you do that without a frame?"

Find a large table. First spread your lining right side down onto the table top, then carefully spread filling, and
last your quilt top right side up. Be sure to center everything with the center of the table, just letting it all hang loose down the sides.

Now starting at the center, work outward. Work slowly and carefully, with lots of safety pins pinning very closely as you come close to the table edge. Lift the opposite side up onto the table carefully, continuing on the edge. Now go back to the center and just continue on to all of the edges.

Please get before hand regular quilting safety pins; yes they are made for this very thing. They are bent on the bottom to go down through and they are sharper and go easily trough those layers.

I like then to go one step further and base with long running stitches, removing some pins (sometimes even all of the pins). I know that sounds like a lot of extra work, but it's not.

Now you can roll it, fold it up, toss it aside, and sit in the family room with the family.

My friend stood there amazed. "It sure looks like you'd done it my way on a frame."

As I finish an area, I pull out the basting threads, it is then easy to tell how far I've gone and how much I have left to do, just at a glance.

Ladies have for centuries gotten together in someone's parlor or church hall to quilt and still do. However they've also done it this way. My mother taught me this trick. She used to 'tie-tack' also those heavy warm woolen comforters.

Bye now and God bless.

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