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Aunt Norie’s sewing room

November 7, 2007

Memories of an old friend, thinking of her, going back to real problems, when I think I have one, helps a lot. No matter how heavy your load may be, someone you know has a greater one.

Elda MacKay -- many of you may remember her -- she's gone now, but for so many years she was totally dependent on others. However she was the most "cheerful earful," one of God's most special (I like to think messengers), that he ever sent down to this old planet.

Like her, "When the world gets you down, Just get up, look up and thank God for your abundant blessings." "Just stop, turn your mind around, let it go another direction" " Just watch the wind in the trees and know that He is right there, in the wind, beside you."

In those later years, on her many trips to the hospital, nurses would gather in her room, enjoying her ready wit and humor, though she then couldn't lift a finger.

Now someone had given her this prayer, and she passed it on and on. She lived it well:

"Lord thank you for another day within this life of mine.

"Give me the strength to live it well, what ever I may find.

"Bestow from your abundance whatever I may lack

"To use the hours wisely for I cannot have them back.

"Lord, thank you for another day. in which to make amends, for little slights or petty words inflicted on my friends

"For sometimes losing patience with problems that I find.

"For seeing faults in others lives but not the ones in mine.

"Lord thank you for another chance, in which to try be a little more deserving of the gifts you've given me. For yesterday is over and tomorrow is far away, and I remain committed to the good I do today."

That's it for today, There's no place like our prairies in the fall. Enjoy these days. Our weather never gets in a rut.

Love and God bless.

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