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Letters to the editor: Ignorance is bliss

November 7, 2007

To the editor:

Once again Fred Phelps Sr. and his congregation are in the news.

Of course, they will hide behind poverty as to the $11 million judgment handed out in the Maryland court.

In 52 years as a leader, he has done very little in converting only 71 to 75 followers to his church. That alone should tell you something. But you know the old saying "ignorance is bliss."

Too bad he is teaching hate, disrespect and indignities to the next generation of children.

I believe I have a wonderful solution for their lifestyle. Why don't they just relocate to Iran. According to the Iranian president, "They have no gay people."

This would make their lifestyle so much less complicated. They would not have to travel so much. They would not have to fight lawsuits. In Iran, just maybe, they could become productive people.

However, I doubt they would have the fortitude to do such a thing. The congregation hides behind its God and the American Constitution.

I still wonder when they lay their head on a pillow at night when all is quiet and dark if, in their soul, they feel complete peace in what they have contributed to our wonderful nation today.

I think not.

Loveta Brulja,
Rural Tonganoxie

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