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November 28, 2007

Tonganoxie Police Department

  • Around 12:45 p.m. Nov. 20, a 50-year-old Lansing man was involved in a collision with a 58-year-old Tonganoxie woman in the B&J Apple Market parking lot. Cecil Harrison, Lansing, was backing up his 1991 Geo Metro from a parking space when he struck the rear quarter panel of Connie Holmgren's 1998 Ford Taurus. Damage was minor and no injuries were reported.
  • Around 3:30 p.m. Nov. 20, two teens were involved in a collision in the parking lot of Tonganoxie High School. Rebecca Jacobs, 17, Leavenworth, was waiting at the stop light at the intersection of Northstar Court and U.S. Highway 24-40 in her 1995 Pontiac Grand Am when Ethan Hammon, 17, Tonganoxie struck the rear of Jacobs' vehicle. Hammon was driving a 1994 Chevy Sierra. There were no injuries reported.

Tonganoxie City Fire Department

  • Firefighters responded with Leavenworth County Emergency Medical Service at 9:29 a.m. and 4:12 p.m. Nov. 19 and 7:08 a.m. Nov. 21.
  • At 5:12 a.m. Nov. 20, firefighters responded to the 100 block of Hatchell Road for a structure fire. The resident had been using an electric smoker in the garage and it was the apparent cause of the garage fire. The structure and contents were valued at $30,000. Tonganoxie Township and Stranger townships also responded.
  • At 12:02 p.m. Friday, firefighters responded to an activated smoke alarm. It was a false alarm.

Leavenworth County Sheriff's Office

  • A 71-year-old Bonner Springs man reported the theft of tools sometime around noon on Nov. 11 from the 16800 block of 146th Street. The man believed that a 38-year-old man, who was staying at a Kansas City, Kan., motel and who occasionally worked for his company, was responsible for the theft. In addition to the tools the 38-year-old man was driving the victim's truck. On Nov. 16, the tools were discovered in a Kansas City, Kan., pawn shop. The suspect was taken into custody by Kansas City, Kan., police. Officers discovered the man was wanted in Kansas and New Hampshire. Because the vehicle was not registered under the Bonner Springs man's name, he was informed it could not be stolen from him.
  • Leavenworth County Sheriff's Deputies along with Tonganoxie City Fire Department, Tonganoxie, Alexandria, District 1 and Union Township Fire departments responded to a house fire around 9:05 a.m. Nov. 16 in the 23500 block of 251st Street. The McLouth house, which belonged to Don and Betty Chastain, sustained fire damage on the roof and west side of the residents. No one was injured in the fire, but EMS treated Don Chastain for chest pains. The homeowners, along with Randy Chastain, 49, could not stay in the house because of the damage.
  • Around 9:27 a.m. Nov. 16, a truck pulling a container of anhydrous ammonia was involved in an accident on County Road 33 just south of Shawnee Road. Evan Klasinski, 20, Leavenworth, was driving north on CR 33 when his hitch became detached from his vehicle and rolled into the west shoulder of the road. The trailer then rolled through a barbed wire fence and into a pasture before overturning and causing ammonia to leak. Authorities, as well as staff from McGraw's Fertilizer Service, arrived and attended to the leak.
  • Around 3:35 p.m. Nov. 16, a Leavenworth man in the 23500 block of 139th Street discovered his cow dead in his property with parts of the animal removed by knife. A veterinarian examined the cow and agreed the cow had been cut with a knife. The cow was later skinned. No signs of trauma were found to explain the death. The cow was valued at $1,500.
  • Evan Norwood, 19, swerved off the road trying to avoid a deer, sometime around 1 a.m. Nov. 17 on Coffin Road, just east of 187th Street. Norwood was heading east on Coffin Road when he lost control of his vehicle and rolled onto the driver side. The driver was not injured.
  • Around 8:30 a.m. Nov. 17, a 21-year-old Leavenworth woman was arrested on several different charges stemming from an incident that happened five hours earlier in the 23900 block of 211th Street. According to the report, a 23-year-old Leavenworth woman and a 30-year-old Leavenworth man were asleep in the man's residence when the 21-year-old suspect entered the residence. After entering the suspect began to punch and kick the older woman in the face. The man grabbed the attacking woman and told the female victim to leave. That is when the attacking woman threatened the female victim and told her that she had a gun in her car and was going to get her. After the female victim left, the attacker began punching and kicking the man. She then kicked a television, puncturing a hole in the wall. The suspect took $250 from the residence and left. While the female victim was filing a report with the sheriff, the suspected attacker made a threatening phone call to the woman, threw a brick through the front window of the victims' home, smashed the windshield of the man's vehicle and entered the female victim's residence without permission. Deputies found the woman in the county and arrested her.
  • A 55-year-old Lansing woman came home to find that items had been removed from her home sometime between Nov. 14 and Nov. 18 in the 16300 block of Springdale Road. The report stated that an unknown number of suspects entered the woman's garage through a locked walk-through door. Among the items taken was a chainsaw, a wood-burning stove and a black two-wheeled trailer. The items were valued at $2,350.

Tonganoxie Municipal Court

Fines assessed

  • Burton Morey, 42, Linwood, speeding 47 in a 30, fined $120
  • Anthony Putthoff, 28, Tonganoxie, tag violation: fined $105
  • Sally Pufall, 20, Omaha, speeding 50 in a 30, fined $130
  • Robert Welsh, 73, Lawrence, speeding 46 in a 30, fined $120
  • Courtney Nason, 73, Lake Quivera, speeding 48 in a 30, fined $130
  • Kevin Lesslie, 54, Overland Park, speeding 46 in a 30, fined $120
  • John Flower, 61, Bonner Springs, speeding 49 in a 30, fined $130
  • Reta Solwa, 51, Tonganoxie, speeding 45 in a 30, fined $120
  • Jackie Sullivan, 17, Kansas City, Kan., speeding 48 in a 30, fined $130
  • James Lee, 20, Leavenworth, speeding 46 in a 30, fined $120
  • Stephen Laufer, 58, Wichita, speeding 49 in a 30, fined $130
  • Ronald Eberle, 57, Glen Elder, speeding 50 in a 30, fined $130
  • Eric Smith, 20, Lawrence, speeding 47 in a 30, fined $120
  • Brett Bogard, 26, Tonganoxie, speeding 31 in a 20, fined $110
  • Austin Reynolds, 19, Leavenworth, speeding 43 in a 30, fined $120
  • Dalton Cox, 18, Lawrence, speeding 54 in a 40, fined $120
  • Lindsey Pollock, 50, Bonner Springs, speeding 54 in a 30, fined $140
  • Stasi Malloy, 44, Kansas City, Mo., speeding 47 in a 30, fined $120
  • Ronald Rounds, 63, McLouth, following too closely, fined $105
  • Steven Savner, 46, Bonner Springs, speeding 46 in a 30, fined $120
  • Kian Schnable, 21, Olathe, speeding 46 in a 30, fined $120
  • Lilyota Brungardt, 69, Gorham, speeding 48 in a 30, fined $130
  • Katie Long, 20, Lawrence, speeding 56 in a 45, fined $110
  • Cory Berkland, 32, Lawrence, speeding 59 in a 45, fined $120


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