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Closed-door sessions yield new organizational chart

September 5, 2007

After another lengthy special meeting, most of which was spent in closed-door discussions, the Tonganoxie School Board voted to accept an organizational chart to streamline operations and improve communications. The school board met in executive session Tuesday, Aug. 28 for a total of three hours and 30 minutes to discuss personnel and attorney-client privilege.

The board called its first executive session for 60 minutes and then called for another 60 minutes and then 45 minutes. After a 10-minute break, the board met for 30 minutes and then another 15 minutes before returning to the Tonganoxie Middle School library.

The school district's attorney, Donna Whiteman, met with the board for all of the closed-door meetings, while Superintendent Richard Erickson joined in for the final 45 minutes.

Board president Leana Leslie said after the meeting that document would be a flow chart showing who reports to whom. Late Friday afternoon, she provided a copy of the chart to The Mirror.

The chart shows a chain of command throughout the district's three schools, as well as in the administrative ranks.

The director of operations and each of the school principals report to the superintendent.

The directors of maintenance, technology and transportation, as well as the kitchen managers and central office personnel -- accounts payable clerk, board clerk and secretary -- report to the director of operations.

Director of operations Jamie Brun, who also is the school's media spokesperson, said Tuesday he didn't have any knowledge of the chart itself and thus, could not comment.

The special meeting was the second such meeting scheduled in as many weeks by the board. Both come after an Aug. 16 incident in which director of operations Jamie Brun and Erickson had an argument at the board office. Brun made a 911 call stemming from the argument, but Tonganoxie Police have said neither Brun nor Erickson has filed complaints and have said they will not file complaints. Both have declined comment about the situation.

During the open session, the board approved the purchase of a 40-gallon tilting kettle for the elementary school kitchen for $12,471 from Muckenthaler. Another $700 will be paid for delivery and installation. The company has the item in stock and will be able to deliver it next week.

The board also approved the purchase of a hot tray cart at TES, not to exceed $2,000.

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