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Seniors score reserved parking spots

September 5, 2007

The Tonganoxie High School parking lot has a new look.

As of Saturday morning, 154 spots in the parking lot have white numbers painted on the ground. The 154 spots are reserved for the senior class of 2008.

All seniors had the opportunity to choose a number and location from a map of the parking lot. THS principal Jamie Carlisle conducted a lottery in the Tonganoxie Performing Arts Center to determine the order of location selections.

Carlisle said the lottery went so well that the final senior in the lottery got the desired location.

"We know how important our seniors are to the success of our high school," Carlisle said. "This was something we could do for them to give them a little pride and a little ownership."

Carlisle, maintenance director Bob Koontz, school painter Bob Potter and Val Carlisle, Jamie's wife, volunteered their time Saturday to paint the spots. The process took roughly six hours.

Spots not designated with a number -- primarily along the east and west campus lots -- represent open parking for all high school students. In fact, 84 new parking spots were opened up this year with the removal of two trailers on the west campus and the repaving of the lot.

As for the designated spots, underclassmen cannot park in them. Repercussions are set in place if they do.

If a senior's spot is taken and the senior reports it, THS administration will identify the vehicle and write a disciplinary referral. The student will serve the referral, unless he/she wants to pay a $5 parking ticket to get out of it.

Money collected from parking tickets will go toward the senior class fund.

In the event a student illegally parks in a spot a second time, that student will serve a disciplinary referral and not have the option to buy out of it with the $5 ticket. That student will also forfeit the right to choose a designated spot his/her senior year.

Next year, Carlisle said he would erase the numbers of the spots and repaint new numbers for the class of 2009.

"We're hoping to start a tradition here that will last many years," Carlisle said.

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