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Aunt Norie’s sewing room

April 2, 2008

They were gifts but my guys hated them. "Just cant use these," they said. The towels are pretty to look at and hang in the bathroom - soft velour on one side. You all know what we're talking about. They just do not absorb water well enough on that one side.

One of the boys asked, "Mom couldn't you find another way to use these things?" So looking around it didn't take me long. I wound up sewing two of them together, making a big square for an oh-so-soft mat for the floor for my new grandson to play on. I also sewed two of the hand towels together for the bottom of his playpen. that was from "Just call me Jan."

Thanks Jan. There are so many things we can use towels for and the ones you are talking about are not really family favorites anyway: that is, for real use.

I remember when those towels first came out. I took two of them and made a swimsuit cover-up. However, they were fringed on one end. I remember I folded them so the two sides were together then on the un-fringed, or plain end, in their center I cut a piece about 3 by 6 inches of the folded edge. As I unfolded the towel that cut away became the center front and back center. Then I used that cut away section, one for each side to make the shoulder and sleeve top, sewed the two towels together at the sides and bingo, I had a neat cover-up. If the towels are not wide enough to just slip into, you can quickly put a zipper down the front. With its fringe on the bottom I dubbed it my "Mini Ha Ha."

Let's all just count our blessings today. Bye now.

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