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August 6, 2008

I hardly know where to start - or if I even should - but after the column on our youth I guess I just have to.

That touched a lot of hearts. It's already on all of our minds, the very future of this nation. This great nation that so many people, from far and wide, have come to because we do have something so great.

As one gentleman said, "Our government seems to think we have to change what we were, what we stood for, what they came here for."

He added: "If they don't like what they found, let them go back to where they came from. Don't try to change what they found when they got here."

Another (and so many agree with this one - it's been a big gripe of mine for years and years): "Why do we have to rush so fast?

Kids don't have time to eat a decent lunch. They gulp their food down and rush back to class. It forms a lifelong bad habit, resulting in years of digestive problems."

Another: "When we let the government follow Dr. Spock's advice ('Dad, you can't spank Junior') - "that turned the kids' world upside down and they lost respect for any and all authority."

I myself think we need to put that one in first place. We were spanked and we spanked our kids. Kids have taken over the classroom. Some teachers can't really teach much, they really are kid-sitting so they have to assign piles of homework because there is no time to get it done in the classroom.

Of course, we only hear the bad side of things.

It might surprise us all if we knew how many moms and dads are still spanking their kids. Kids know they need one now and then, ask them.

I myself believe there are a lot of young folks being taught right from wrong who respect this land and themselves, strong leaders who, with God's help, will turn this land around.

Let's all pray for them, and for God's help.

There's a big difference between a spanking and a beating anyway.

Too many now making the news have no respect for themselves, let alone anyone or anything else.

Sorry if I got carried away today.

God bless you all.

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