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Letter to the editor: District owes apology to students

August 27, 2008

To the editor:

Our son is very truthful and will own up to the mistakes he makes. Last year his teacher told him that he appreciated those qualities in him. Our son would have done anything for him; he thinks he is the greatest teacher in the world.

He brought home his yearbook that he just received today from last year and his picture wasn't in there with his teacher and his class. It was hard for my husband and I to see the tears in his eyes and the disappointment in his face when he was looking through and found out he was left out. His favorite teacher and his favorite year of school, something that he would be able to look back on in his yearbook for years to come, was taken away from him. It is these type of letdowns at school that are very hard to explain to your child when you don't understand yourself what happened.

Other children were also left out. Did anyone look at this before they ordered it? What is the district going to do to fix it? I feel it is in the best interest for all the children to not only have a new yearbook with themselves in it, but to have their friends in it as well.

The district should also own up to their mistake and make it right.

Tamara Young,



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