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Letter to the editor: Memories of fairs gone by

August 27, 2008

To the editor:

With the conclusion of the Tongie Fair upon you folks, I reminisce and fondly recall the days of the old fair during the 1950s. And it was something akin to bliss in manure. When every farmer from Tongie to Leavenworth and from McLouth to Lawrence went there. They didn't attend to hang with homies, display their colors, write trash or their family genealogy on barren walls. Instead, they attended to enjoy the camaraderie of their neighbors, their common interests, kicking around new sawdust on the midway, listening to the squeal of hogs making more noise than Ned Beatty and having a good ol' time! Every kid loved the cotton candy and the stickier it was, the better. Who can forget the pop of the old John Deere tractors (the old Johnny Poppers), when they were pulling sleds against the new Case-O-Matics. You could almost count the minutes passing between the firing of each cylinder when the little Deeres were running.

In those days, nearly the entire countryside was immersed in darkness during evening hours and it was a chance to actually see folks at night and be able to talk with them. So many 4-H kids groomed their animals, treated them better than most of their siblings and then sold them (not their siblings), which surely caused a lot of separation anxiety as they parted with the animals. Well, hopefully your fair will continue to be a great one as in the past, but always remember: Things may be sublime in their time, but at the fair, you can be sure it's manure. Long live hogs, cows, horses and feathered critters that go cluck.

Charlie Daniels

Lancaster, Calif.


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