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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

December 3, 2008

This from a busy mom the other day: “I just can’t keep sis’ coat buttons on her new coat,” she said. “There were little buttons under the regular ones on top; now they’ve even pulled through, actually leaving a small hole.

“The coat is made of a woven Scottish-type plaid.”

Let’s face it — many things, clothing as well, are just not the quality we grew up with. Kids don’t always unbutton they just yank. I suggested she go up inside from the hem, between the lining and the coat fabric. Then, between the front facing, actually put a patch on under the button — not on the coat front but onto the facing. Under the small button on the inside (the button under the coat button), use a firm woven tough fabric that the button cannot pull through and then on the underside replace that small button with a larger thin flat clear plastic button. They make buttons just for that spot.

Remember now, if you need a stronger thread, dental floss makes a good emergency strong thread. Another oldie if you just absolutely get caught in a tight spot, no thread to match, another emergency, a long piece of a hair — yes from the human head— makes a good strong and invisible thread to sew on a button or mend an unsightly snag or tear.

Bye now and God bless. Keep prayers going for this land of ours and its leaders. Theirs is a mighty tough assignment. Hugs.

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