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December 3, 2008

Our sympathy goes to Wayne and Mildred Kirby for the loss of their son-in-law, Bob Hurrelbrink of Shawnee, who died Sunday night.

On Nov. 16, Frances Jeannin had a dinner honoring Maj. Scott Hedge, who is stationed in Florida but was at Fort Leavenworth for some schooling. There were 19 guests. Hedge has since returned to Florida.

On Thanksgiving Day, Frances Jeannin had dinner for 17 guests.

David and Jane Turner played host to a Thanksgiving dinner for some of the Barnett family. Those attending were David Turner Jr. and Sydney, Kathy Stimac, Kipp Barnett, Tammy Mooberry, Eric Barnett and Thamar Barnett.

Steve and Gail Fitzwater of Shawnee visited Thamar Barnett on Friday.

Dinner guests of Bid Sheppard on Saturday were Edwin and Jennifer Shivers, Edwin II, Jessica and Ethan of Allen, Texas. Other visitors throughout the day were Mark Aufdemberge, Joel Aufdemberge Jr., Jeff and Lenora Dickinson and Daisy Shivers.

Sunday, Nov. 23 Rosie Oelschlaeger played host to a birthday celebration for Orville Oelschlaeger, who is 78 years old. Guests were Gene and Edna Sawyer of Horton, Gary Oelschlaeger of Overland Park, Mark Oelschlaeger of Kansas City, B.J. Oelschlaeger of Tonganoxie, Gary and Linda Blanton of Highland, John and Janice Oelschlaeger, Gracie and Sarah, and Valerie Blanton of Lawrence, Gary and Janine Sawyer and Allen and Sharon Bowser of Holton, and Ed and Ruth Bleam and Marlene Partridge of rural Leavenworth.

Orville and Rosie Oelschlaeger were Thanksgiving dinner guests of John and Janice Oelschlaeger of Lawrence. Others there were Gary and Linda Blanton of Highland and Valerie Blanton of Lawrence.

Recent visitors of Orville and Rosie Oelschlaeger were Erin and Amy Oelschlaeger of Lawrence, Mark Oelschlaeger, Gracie and Sarah of Kansas City and B.J. Oelschlaeger of Tonganoxie.


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