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Check will help educate young livestock exhibitors

December 17, 2008

Janette Hightower, feed manager of Leavenworth Cooperative Association, presented Mike Epler, Leavenworth County Agriculture Extension agent, with a check for $500 Friday to be used toward the education of county youth livestock exhibitors.

The donation was made possible because of Land O’Lakes Foundation’s Cooperative Match Program.

Land O’Lakes matched a portion of the funds that Leavenworth Co-Op had spent on the Leavenworth County Show Feeds Rewards Program.

The Show Feeds Rewards Program is geared toward all of Leavenworth County's 4-H and FFA Livestock Exhibitors.

Sue Elniff, general manager, stated: “With this program, instead of purchasing only a few animals through the 4-H Livestock Auction at the County Fair, we hand out awards to all of the exhibitors who completed the program.”

The program is not limited to only livestock projects that sell through the auction, it also includes horse, dairy and dog project members as well, allowing exhibitors that can’t sell their animals to also participate in the program and be rewarded for their efforts.

“The only stipulations that we have for the program is that the exhibitors must sign up for the program, buy a minimum of 12 bags of a premium feed from us, and compete in the shows at the Leavenworth County Fair,” Hightower said.

This year's participants were given T-shirts before the fair and then were presented with jackets with their name embroidered on them recently. Champion participants received a little extra, as they had their winning exhibits embroidered on the back of the jackets and camp chairs were also presented to them.

“We feel this year’s program was a success, all of the youth that completed the program have been delighted to receive their rewards, and seeing 31 kids’ faces light up when presented the jacket has made it all worth it,” Hightower said. “We are looking forward to having a lot more participants next year.”


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