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Poet’s Corner

December 23, 2008

This week’s poet’s corner contribution comes from Margaret Smelser of McLouth

Christmas Memories

Thank you for the memories of winter snowy deep,

For knowing through the hard times there were promises to keep.

Thank you for the memories of little girls and boys,

And seeing all their happiness with just one simple toy.

For breathing in the fragrance of a home-grown cedar tree,

With hand-made decorations, how it meant so much to me.

Thank you for the glory of a starlit wintry sky,

While thinking of a stable with the angels drawing nigh.

Thank you for remembering, when spices filled the air

With all the family gathered in, a happy time to share.

Thank you for the precious story read on Christmas Eve,

With candlelight and Silent Night, to know and to believe.

Thank you for the welcome smiles in country meeting place,

While all the voices joining tell of God’s amazing grace.

I find my greatest blessings are not wrapped beneath the tree,

The greatest gift, God’s only Son, who came to set us


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