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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

December 30, 2008

That after Christmas sorting and getting rid of ... to make room for the new, that always happens. I’m thinking now of those older, but still lovable and huggable, maybe now cast off, stuffed animals that might now be donated to our local American Legion troop for their great project.

They really need those critters for their “Critters on Patrol” project. Those critters are given to children in emergency rooms, accidents, etc.

Remember now that great project goes on year ’round as, of course, their need is on-going. Also, there is a drop-off box at Mr. Goodcents,1208 Front St., or call (913) 369-2422.

Homemade gifts were a top feature this year. I guess we all knew that would happen — craft shops were extra busy. Just because those dollars get a little short certainly never stops that Christmas spirit from bursting out all over.

One young lady made wrist pin cushions for her mom, her grandma and aunt this year. That little pin cushion has been so special for years and years. It’s so handy, no reaching and grabbing for or spilling those pins.

To make one, simply fold over a small square of cloth to form a triangle, turn it right-side-out and stuff it with yarn scraps or cut-up wool scraps or cotton if you must (it will absorb moisture in time and let needles rust). Attach elastic to fit the wrist to each point.

The very best stuffing might surprise you, however. Would you believe it is human hair? Yes, indeed — a hint I received years ago. You see the natural oil in our hair keeps the pins and needles from rusting. Just ask your beauty operator to save some hair for you.

Hugs now.

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