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Aunt Norie’s sewing room

February 6, 2008

This from "Just call me Lou":

"But I just must tell you how very grateful I will always be for the wonderful 4-H programs and its leaders.

"That's especially true for my daughter's years in the programs, for her sewing leaders when she was so very young, so eager to learn, and I with the growing family plus an outside job, my time seemed so limited, I just didn't have the quality time she needed.

"She is now in college, ready for the business world. She loves loves to sew, to create new styles. Of course she makes a lot of her own sharp-looking outfits. She has taught me a lot, and is always helping others.

"Again, thanks to all of our dedicated 4-H leaders (and that's what they actually are is dedicated) who have the patience and take the time for those young minds when they are so ready and so willing so eager to learn."

Thanks you so very much, Lou, you say it so very well. May we give a big "HATS OFF" to all of those wonderful folks.

When you are doing that tiny hem, especially on a circular hem or on a ruffle, a lot of that edge is of course a bias edge. Remember to do a machine line of stitching just a quarter of an inch back from that raw edge, then use that line of thread or stitching to turn under. You can actually turn and stitch with the machine all in one motion.

If you are hemming a circular edge, you can also - before turning - pull on the lower or bobbin thread slightly to ease in the fullness. You will have a smooth even hem.

Stay happy and pray for all of our world leaders.

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