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Board approves central office audit

$3,000 inspection will evaluate clerk and secretary job descriptions

February 27, 2008

An auditor will evaluate job descriptions of staff at the Tonganoxie School District's central office for no more than $3,000, the school board decided at a special meeting Monday at the Tonganoxie Middle School library.

On a 6-0 vote, with Darlyn Hansen absent, the board moved to hire an auditor to evaluate the job descriptions secretaries and clerks at the board office.

Board member Kay Smith suggested an audit be done to look at workflow.

"I don't have any expertise in this," Smith said. "I know that I don't know anything."

Board president Leana Leslie said she spoke with Superintendent Richard Erickson, who was absent for part of the meeting, about the job descriptions he prepared. Erickson wanted the board to accept the job descriptions and hold off on hiring a director of operations again for about six months to evaluate the workflow and see whether a director of operations again was needed, Leslie said.

The district hired its first director of operations in Jamie Brun beginning in July. However, two months later, the district agreed to buyout Brun's contract for $51,000. The buyout came about a month after an argument at the board office between the two. During the argument, Brun called 911.

Board member Mildred McMillon said she thought there were many job descriptions for each position and she wondered how central office employees were able to get any work done with all the responsibilities they had.

"This is so wordy and missing job descriptions," McMillon said.

Erickson arrived at the meeting in the middle of discussions on the topic. He said he didn't favor the audit.

"I don't think we need to spend $3,000 on that," Erickson said. "We have a plan in place. $3,000 - we need to put that into kids."

But after a brief discussion, the board approved the measure. An auditor will be hired through the Kansas Association of School Boards.

Custodial job descriptions also were discussed. They were unanimously approved with corrections.

District to discontinue transportation to in-town practices

Student-athletes won't be riding buses to practices to Tonganoxie destinations anymore.

The board, on 5-1 vote, with Kathy Baragary opposed, approved a measure Monday that THS administrators were pushing at the regular February board meeting.

Administrators wanted to do away with busing to practice because it's a strain on the school's bus fleet and it would allow for more efficiency on the practice fields because practice could start sooner.

Leslie said after speaking with Donna Whiteman with KASB further about the situation that it was in the school's best interest to not offer the transportation.

The measure at this time basically pertains to baseball and softball practice, which started Monday.

THS golfers, meanwhile, do take school transportation to their practices because they practice at area golf courses that are in other cities.

Baragary said she was concerned about students who are not of legal age to drive possibly driving to practice, which is held at the Leavenworth County Fairgrounds. The new policy obviously would affect freshmen and sophomores who are not yet 16 and legal to drive.

Throughout the discussion, Leslie reiterated that it was KASB's advice to not provide transportation.

"It makes me nervous," Baragary said.

Although spring practice started Monday, teams likely won't practice at the ball fields for at least a week because of the weather and field conditions.

Each sport will have individual meetings in which the new policy will be explained.

The school board also discussed board policy as it pertains to smoking on school grounds and at school events and charging fees for outside groups using school facilities. No action was taken on the items.


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