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Smith: Mohawks, more wins for THS seniors

February 27, 2008

— This was supposed to be my "Hello, my name is :" column - I'm Benton Smith, the new sports reporter for The Mirror, blah, blah, etc.

Trust me, this would have become snooze-worthy after about two and a half paragraphs.

Thankfully, something far more intriguing happened this weekend in Salina.

The Tonganoxie High wrestling squad, which tied one school record by sending six grapplers to the 4A state wrestling tournament, broke another one at the Bicentennial Center when half of those wrestlers medaled.

But an unofficial record might also have been broken by the three THS seniors - Wyatt Coffin and cousins Cameron and Travis Adcox - who took the mat at state.

That record would be: Hair follicles shed in the name of senior unity.

Last Monday night after practice, the three headed to Cameron's house and busted out the electric razor. The end result was a lot of hair on the floor and three Mohawks on the grapplers' domes.

Wrestlers from a few other schools at the tourney dyed their hair - a tad "generic" if you ask sixth-place 285-pounder Cameron Adcox - but the Chieftains thought leaving a strip of hair down the center of their skulls would have a more desired effect.

Said Travis Adcox of the Chieftains' cuts: "I kind of wanted to do something like that to make it special and get that intimidation in there. You can tell people noticed it. In wrestling if you've got a tattoo you're supposed to be good. If you've got a Mohawk it's true, too."

No doubt, the Mr. T 'dos turned some heads when the seniors hit the hallways of Tonganoxie High the day after the ritualistic shaving. But comparisons weren't made to the man known for pitying fools.

"We got the Chuck Lidell comment a lot," Travis Adcox said, referring to the Ultimate Fighting Championship competitor who also battles with a 'hawk head.

So why didn't the trio of THS juniors join their elders in shedding the hair on the sides of their heads?

"I guess they didn't feel like it," Coffin said.

Travis Adcox, the 140-pounder who finished fourth, had a different theory.

"Pretty boys," he said with a grin. "They didn't want to cut their hair."

Junior Matt Brock admitted he didn't want to go through with it.

"They asked me to do it, but I'm not that crazy," Brock said.

One would assume that crazy beats pretty in wrestling any day, but Brock (hair intact) finished fourth in the 130 class so apparently his style worked as well.

And being pretty crazy doesn't necessarily mean you can't be pretty either.

Asked to describe how he ended up with some blood on his face on Saturday, Cameron Adcox couldn't recall.

"I'm not exactly sure, it's all kind of a big blur," he said, before identifying a possible motive for the cut. "People want to mess up this pretty face."

So if you happen across a Mohawked wrestler (or one with shaggy hair), be sure to congratulate him. And thank him for giving me something else to write about.


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