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Letter to the editor: Fish in need of help

January 9, 2008

Each January, my class does an in-depth study of Kansas in celebration of Kansas Day.

The students learn much about Kansas' history, researching, and how to write a quality informational class book. Through these activities a couple of years ago, we discovered that our state does not have an official state fish as many other states do. We have an official state march but not a fish!

During our research, we discovered that the choices for the state amphibian, insect and reptile were recommended by elementary students in our state. We decided to exercise our rights as citizens to recommend a fish. Our class chose the bluegill to be considered, and hopefully approved, by the Kansas Legislature to be legally adopted as the official Kansas state fish.

We invited Rep. Kenny Wilk and greatly appreciated that he visited our classroom to discuss the legislative process with us. He took our information and a bill was drafted. It is House Bill Number 2158. At this time, it has still not been debated.

We worked extremely hard on this project, including writing to elementary schools across our great state. We are eager to see this bill acted on in the Legislature. We know that if it doesn't happen this session, our bill will be discarded. We are proud of the heritage of our state and honored to be Kansans. Even though we are not of voting age, we believe, as citizens, we have the right and privilege to take part in our community and government. We are asking that the community help us in this endeavor by writing to their representatives supporting our bill. Please find our representatives' addresses below. We would greatly appreciate your help.

Rep. Kenny Wilk, 715 Cottonwood Drive, Lansing 66043; Sen. Pine, 1783 E. 1500 Rd., Lawrence 66044.

Karen Stockman's third-grade class, Tonganoxie Elementary School


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