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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

January 16, 2008

Many times as I'm sewing on a curved seam, my mind goes back to when a friend and neighbor had spent hours and hours - actually days - working on this special dress. Finally in frustration, she pitched it on the back of a shelf and was ready to pitch it and the whole pattern.

Time went by, then came spring cleaning - of course out came the nearly forgotten dress. Too much time and money had been spent, it had such pretty fabric, and all of her hopes were dashed. She brought it over. "I'm almost afraid to show you this mess, but could you tell me what I've done wrong?" she said to me.

It was beautiful. She'd done a great job carefully cutting (so very important) this very expensive fabric, great style pattern and just the right color for her.

The only problem: The neck and collar they were all wrong. I soon had it all corrected .She watched me trim away a good bit of bulk from the seams.

I showed her and explained how you can and should clip right down to the thread or seam line just be very careful not to go through the threads of the seam itself. However if you do, it's no big deal -just restitch the seam again right on the same line.

It gave me such a happy feeling to send her on her way with all smiles and her new beautiful dress.

Bye now and God bless Pray for our troops!

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