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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

January 29, 2008

"Oh!, mommy, mommy. Look - you put my skirt and my blouse on my new curtains didn't you? And even on my pillowcase. Oh mommy." And with tears of the greatest joy in her eyes, she hopped up on my lap and I got the most hugs and kisses. She had me near tears.

Please don't use my name, but after your story on curtains, I just had to tell you of my very, very special curtains.

Only a mother can have such moments. Moments to tuck away in her memories, as all of you mothers know.

Children: God sends his blessings right along with each and every child.

Thank you so very much for sharing with us this morning.

She went ahead to explain how she had made those special curtains. She sews for her family and saves the scraps of fabric from which she had used odds and ends of colors to piece together a strip about 4 to 5 inches wide. She then cut one side off straight which she attached to the edge of plain white curtain sashes, leaving the other side with its odds and ends of edges to be appliqued to the top, or right side, of the curtain. She did the same with the open end of the pillowcases.

She right then and there decided with Christmas coming up soon to make a matching set for her daughter's little doll bed. "Talk about a happy little girl," she said, adding, "It takes so very little to please a child."

P.S. Grandmas have many like treasured moments; don't leave us grannies out.

Bye and God bless you all!

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