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Pleasant Street returning to normalcy after months of construction

July 2, 2008

Soon life will be returning back to normal for residents along Pleasant Street.

After months of construction work to widen the street to 31 feet, the public works crew as well as crews from Meadows Construction are nearly complete with the $800,000 project.

On Monday, Butch Rodgers, city superintendent, said he and his crew were hard at work milling the street getting it ready to be paved so commuters could use it today.

"It will be drivable," Rodgers said. "We'll still have a week's worth of dressing up and prettying up."

Kathy Bard, the assistant city administrator, said the total price of the project has not yet been determined because the price of asphalt has risen. So far the city has paid $359,758 to Meadows Construction and the city had budgeted $156,867 for work done by city crews, but the price of asphalt would augment that amount.

The widening of the street didn't go without a few snags. As part of the plan to widen the street, power lines had to be moved, which meant cutting down or severely trimming some of the trees on the west side of the street. If the trees would interfere with the Westar Energy lines within a 10-year growth, they would need to be taken down making some of the residents upset with the decision.


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