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Todd Thompson candidate questionnaire responses

July 2, 2008

Editor's note: The following are responses to a questionnaire mailed to candidates in the upcoming Aug. 5 primary election. Look for more candidate profiles and full responses to the questions leading up to the primary.

Name: Todd Thompson

Place of residence: Leavenworth

Birthdate: Oct. 13, 1975

Todd Thompson

Todd Thompson

Family: Gary and Brenda Thompson, parents; Bert and Betty Collard, grandparents

Religion: Christian

Education: Leavenworth High School, B.A. from Kansas University, J.D. from Washburn University School of Law

Occupation: Former assistant county attorney

Political and government experience: Five years in the Leavenworth County Attorney's office, four years in the state capitol in the office of the 45th District state representative

Why are you running for county attorney? "It's time for change. It's time to preserve the communication with the law enforcement, victims and community. It's time to protect the community from repeat offenders, and it's time to prosecute cases."

What would your top priority for Leavenworth County be if elected? N/A

What steps would you take to more effectively combat Leavenworth County's crime rate and put criminals behind bars? "Stop playing 'Let's Make a Deal' and start prosecuting repeat offenders. Repeat offenders must be appropriately sentenced instead of making deals for lesser sentences."

As county attorney, you would not only be Leavenworth's lead prosecutor. You would head the attorney's office staff and would constantly interact with judges, elected officials, law enforcement and other attorneys. What kind of leadership, administrative and interpersonal skills do you possess? "I have been in the county attorney's office for five years. I know the staff, practiced and spent time with all of the judges, and I have a great friendship and working relationship with the law enforcement. I am born and raised in this community and know the people. I have managed my own staff, staff at the state capitol and helped manage my parents' business."

Many people never interact with the criminal justice system until they are the victim of a crime. What will you do as county attorney to ensure that crime victims and the public are kept abreast of cases of interest? "It's time to preserve better communications. Victims need more of an explanation of why or how a case is being handled. I will ensure we will have staff or the attorney handling the case to take specific time explaining what is transpiring."

What is your view on negotiating pleas with criminal defendants? "It's time to stop playing 'Let's Make a Deal' and start prosecuting repeat offenders. Repeat offenders must be appropriately sentenced instead of making deals."

What differentiates you from the other candidates filing for this office? "This is my community. I've had family here for 150 years. I know the office and can easily be put in office and make if effective and efficient. I have the energy and drive to improve what's been lacking and the background, relationships and experience to do it."


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