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Letters to the editor: Resident not feeling Smurfy about trashcans

July 9, 2008

To the editor:

Yes, it's blue Tuesday in Tonganoxie and I feel like Papa Smurf.

I moved to Tonganoxie more than 10 years ago and we really love the smalltown atmosphere, friendly folks and used to love the beauty of the town - the beautiful, quiet tree-lined streets, which for the most part had well-manicured lawns. Now, especially on Tuesdays, the streets look like we were invaded by the evil Smurfs from outer space and they have landed their ugly blue spacecraft in front of everyone's home. The best part of all is that we are paying more each month for this blue invasion, which has more rules and regulations than a state trooper.

Even when it is not trash day the ugly blue trashcans are too big to hide. I am sure that Honeycreek is a fine company, but with Duffenbaugh, the previous contractor, you could put out your ugly blue trash can and they would haul it off thinking that nobody would want something this hideous-looking in front of their home. My name is not really Papa Smurf, but he would be proud to see the ugliest color of blue in front of every house in the city. I just wanted to thank the city or whoever signed us up with this contract for making Tonganoxie the home of the ugly blue trashcan.


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