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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

July 16, 2008

A chance remark the other day from a stranger in the grocery store: Today's problems, today's world, if they could or would combine today's modern conveniences with our old-fashioned values.

It's that "lost link," those values, that got us to where we are. When someone tried (oh, yes, it started with one voice) to take God out of our land, there also went respect, honesty, pride, love of country.

Greed and all his cousins sit in the driver's seat now. Too many try to blame our youths today - that always riles me because our kids are inheriting an awful mess. However with God's help, they will do it.

It takes me back to one who said it so well. I received back in 1980 a letter from Lois Riheldaffer, then in Olympia, Wash., but soon then to move to the Ozarks. She said it so well I'd like to give her credit. She put it in a neat nutshell so to speak.

"My generation honored our father and mother, respected our elders and learned from them. Maybe if a lot of old grannies like me feel it's their duty to teach younger folks who want to be taught some of our skills, we can restore, in part, some of the dignity and hard work that was so much of our upbringing." Thanks again, Lois, if you might still be reading us.

No, it's not their fault, any of it. So stand by our youths any time you can. It's not their fault, but it certainly is and will be their problem and burden. However with God's and our help, they will fix it. They will turn our world around again.

Keep our world, our youths and their and our problems in your prayers.

Sorry I got so far out of the sewing room today. Bye now.

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