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McCain voting record questioned

July 16, 2008

To the editor:

Sen. John McCain claims to be qualified to be the President of the United States because of his military expertise and a 26-year record of a commitment to fiscal discipline in the U.S. Congress.

However, here are two important components to Sen. McCain's congressional record that must be reviewed by the voters before making a decision. With his military expertise, Senator McCain did not show leadership in overseeing and curtailing of the rampant waste, fraud and abuse in military contracts, which have huge cost overruns at the expense of taxpayers.

Also, during his tenure in Congress, Sen. McCain voted for tax cuts for the rich and gave corporate welfare to the military industrial complex.

Unfortunately, this was being done while the national debt substantially and steadily increased from $934 billion in l981 to a record level of $9.4 trillion as of June 5, 2008.

Sen. McCain's military leadership, his commitment to fiscal discipline and a 95 percent voting record with the Bush/Cheney Administration may have enriched his lobbyist friends and their clients, but this has left a very large credit card bill for the rest of us to pay for for many years to come.

Donald G. Siedenberg,



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