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In others’ view: Trickle-down

July 16, 2008

The Lawrence Journal-World said in a recent editorial: The trickle-down effect of $4-and-up gasoline costs is being felt in sectors of our society most of us never dreamed would feel such an impact. Along with the rising cost of just getting to and from somewhere, the pressure is mounting in countless other areas.

One of the simplest setbacks to understand is school bus transportation and school meal programs. It's going to cost a lot more to take our youngsters to school and home and that is going to affect virtually everyone unfavorably, except the petroleum interests. Food costs have risen recently, largely because of transportation costs, and people in charge of school lunches have new budget problems.

One local school lunch official said that even though the prices may be raised 10 to 15 cents for the coming semester, that won't begin to compensate for the costs that must be absorbed. Every evidence, too, is that this and related situations will get worse as petroleum costs keep rising and new problems of budgeting and paying bills crop up.

How many of us a year ago envisioned or even considered what might happen if the gasoline prices virtually doubled by the time the new school year rolled around? Further, food and transportation are just two of the difficulties the gasoline inflation has forced upon us.

It's little wonder that we all, including those in public positions where serving the public comes at such a price, are frustrated, concerned and fearful of what could lie ahead. School lunches and bus travel are bad enough. But think of all the other categories, especially just putting food on the family table, that have been thrown so far out of whack because of poor preparation and management of our energy situation.


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